Community Outreach

AAUW St Paul members generously contribute their time, money and materials to support Community Outreach projects.  The purpose of our outreach is three-fold:

  1. Help our neighbors in need
  2. Develop partnerships with charitable organizations in the Twin Cities
  3. Build public awareness of AAUW St Paul

Outreach Opportunities for the 2021-2022 Program Year

Donations of items from the following list may be dropped off at our Branch Office, 990 Summit Avenue, or the front porch of Kim Blair’s home (address and contact information may be found in our membership directory).  We invite our friends and members of the community to join us in assisting these neighbors in need.

  • Interfaith Action Food Shelf
    • The number of families served by the food shelf is growing. They need staples and especially healthy snack foods.
  • Winter wear
    • The children and families of St Paul City School are looking forward to much needed winter clothing.
  • Children’s Books
    • The Librarian welcomes books for St Paul City School pre-K – 8th Grade students as the school year is expected to conduct both at-home learning AND classroom instruction.
  • Niniijaanis Pony (Bus) Art Supplies. Our Scholarship Trust alumna Brook LaFloe is equipping the “War Pony” Bus to deliver Native American culture and crafts to the neighborhoods of pre-school Native American children.
    • The following materials are needed: paints and crayons, colored pencils, colored pipe cleaners, colored yarn and string, beads, faux flowers, variety of papers, glue sticks, etc.
  • Farnsworth Aerospace School Art Supplies. The Aerospace magnet program at Farnsworth was founded by our member Jill Wall.
    • Their new art teacher needs household items and art supplies for the pre-K – 4th Grade students.
    • Needed items include empty wrapping paper rolls, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, adult size button down shirts to use as paint smocks, gallon ice cream buckets, plastic coffee cans with lids (like Folgers), fabrics, felt, ribbon, yarn, sewing notions, colored thread, baby food jars, all types of paper and card stock, magazines with pictures, old CDs, tooth picks, popsicle sticks, jigsaw puzzles, Zip-Lock Baggies, all types of paint, old irons, screen windows, crayons, etc.

Additional Outreach Opportunities

Additional Outreach Opportunities will be posted to this page as they come up, so check back often.

AAUW members will also receive occasional emails with updates, and can find detailed reports of our Outreach activities in the 990 News.