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Anderson, Jan Global Issues, Evening Programs
Blair, Kim Historian
Boyum, Carole Hospitality
Campana, Dulcie Oustanding Women
Carlson, Sharon Cultural Arts
Chorewycz, Mary Charitable Contriibutions
Constans, Caroline Recording Secretary
Cooper, Colleen Nominating Co-Chair
Crum, Sandy Program Development Co-Chair
Davidson, Becky Membership Co-Chair
Devine, Judith 990 News Co-Chair
Faribault, AliceAAUW Funds
Gilbertson, Barbara Diversity Co-Chair
Hanson, Carol President
Hertel, Jan Great Decisions
Hinke, Margo Education & Learning
Hoskins, Kay Bylaws Co-Chair
Janzen, Margaret Hospitality
Kennedy, Marla Poetry
Kirkwood, Karen Nominating Co-Chair
Lande, Pam Program Development Co-Chair
LaFayette, Kathy Hospitality
Larsen, Marlys NCCWSL
Medin, Paulette Property Chair
Parkman, Jan Membership Treasurer
Pesek, Carole Otte Scholarship Trust Chair
Pickard, KathyFinance Chair
Poff, Linda Miller VP Administration
Quist, Brian House Manager
Quist, Jan Bylaws Co-Chair
Smith, Jerri Public Policy & Environment Co-Chair
Swanson, Meg Treasurer
Sworsky, Leslie Communications Chair, 990 News Co-Chair
Talley, Sue Membership Co-Chair
Trouten, Linda Mystery Book Club
Tomczak, JoAnne Public Policy & Environment Co-Chair
Unfilled Community Outreach Chair
Unfilled Parliamentarian
Varner, Deb Diversity Co-Chair


990 News Co-ChairDevine, Judith
990 News Co-ChairSworsky, Leslie
AAUW FundsFaribault, Alice
Bylaws Co-ChairHoskins, Kay
Bylaws Co-ChairQuist, Jan
Charitable ContriibutionsChorewycz, Mary
Communications ChairSworsky, Leslie
Community Outreach ChairUnfilled
Cultural ArtsCarlson, Sharon
Diversity Co-ChairGilbertson, Barbara
Diversity Co-ChairVarner, Deb
Education & LearningHinke, Margo
Evening ProgramsAnderson, Jan
Finance ChairPickard, Kathy
Global IssuesAnderson, Jan
Great DecisionsHertel, Jan
HistorianBlair, Kim
HospitalityBoyum, Carole
HospitalityJanzen, Margaret
HospitalityLaFayette, Kathy
House ManagerQuist, Brian
Membership Co-ChairDavidson, Becky
Membership Co-ChairTalley, Sue
Membership TreasurerParkman, Jan
Mystery Book ClubTrouten, Linda
NCCWSLLarsen, Marlys
Nominating Co-ChairCooper, Colleen
Nominating Co-ChairKirkwood, Karen
Oustanding WomenCampana, Dulcie
PoetryKennedy, Marla
PresidentHanson, Carol
Program Development Co-ChairCrum, Sandy
Program Development Co-ChairLande, Pam
Property ChairMedin, Paulette
Public Policy & Environment Co-ChairSmith, Jerri
Public Policy & Environment Co-ChairTomczak, JoAnne
Recording SecretaryConstans, Caroline
Scholarship Trust ChairPesek, Carole Otte
TreasurerSwanson, Meg
VP AdministrationPoff, Linda Miller


Chorewycz, Mary Finance
Constans, Caroline Recording Secretary
Crum, Sandy Program Development Co-Chair
Davidson, Becky Membership Co-Chair
Hanson, Carol President
Hoskins, Kay Bylaws Co-Chair
Lande, Pam Program Development Co-Chair
Medin, Paulette Property Chair
Pickard, Kathy Finance Chair
Poff, Linda Miller VP Administration
Quist, Brian House Manager
Quist, Jan Bylaws Co-Chair
Swanson, Meg Treasurer
Sworsky, Leslie Communications Chair
Talley, Sue Membership Co-Chair


PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Co-ChairsPam Lande, Sandy Crum
Cultural ArtsSharon Carlson (Chair), Lynne Beck, Emily Soelter
DiversityBarb Gilbertson and Deb Varner (Co-Chairs), Kathy Ziegler, Shannon LeClair
Education & LearningMargo Hinke (Chair), Debra Curran, Donna Adams Román
Evening ProgramsJan Anderson and Pam Lande (Co-Chairs)
Global IssuesJan Anderson (Chair), Carol Byrne, Lois Wintersteen, Jan Hertel
Great DecisionsJan Hertel (Chair), Barbara Waldschmidt
Outstanding WomenDulcie Campana (Chair), Cheryl Brown, Mikel Clifford, Carol Golder, Joann McKim, Carolyn Rehn
Public Policy & EnvironmentJerri Smith and JoAnne Tomczak (Co-Chairs), Pat Dalton, Sharon Klumpp, Karen Sleten, Andre Leavitt


Summit Avenue ReadersTBD
Mystery Book ClubLinda Trouten
SignUpGeniusLinda Miller Poff
Joy Davis's Literature SeminarCarol Hanson
New Member Coffee & ChatSue Talley
Website ManagerJoAnne Tomczak

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