Membership Dues

There are several different types of AAUW Membership

AAUW Regular Membership is $210  for a calendar year. This includes National dues of $72, State dues of $9, and Branch dues of $129, ($20 of which goes to the House Preservation Fund). All is tax deductible.

New Members who join our Branch in connection with a Prospective Member Event generally receive a 50% discount on national dues.  Generally these events are held in the fall of each year.  For more information, contact Carol Hanson and Pam Lande, Membership Co-Vice Presidents at

AAUW National Life Membership is $1,440.00 paid to National AAUW (covers a lifetime National AAUW membership). An additional $138.00 is paid to join the State and Local branch. All is tax deductible.

Dual Membership members pay National and State dues through another branch and then pay $129 to join our Branch. These members belong to two local branches.

College and University Students Can Join AAUW, too!
Students in undergraduate programs can join AAUW for only $30. This dues amount includes membership to the National ($18.81), Minnesota ($2.00), and St. Paul Branches of AAUW ($9.91). All is tax deductible.  Undergraduates or degree-seeking graduates enrolled in full-time or part-time programs may renew at this rate through graduation.

Student Associate Membership is a great way for young women to become acquainted with AAUW and the work being done at all levels of this organization on behalf of women and girls. There is also a lot of information and tools included on the National AAUW website designed to assist young women as they enter the workforce. Perhaps this would be a great gift for the college students in your life! 

Pick up the most recent version of our AAUW St. Paul Membership application HERE to apply at the student level.

Updated: 5/14/24

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