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A MEMBER’S PRACTICAL GUIDE TO AAUW-ST. PAUL BRANCH. This guide is intended to answer questions you may have about our Branch. Links are embedded to help you find more detailed information. Comments about this guide may be sent to

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FAQ for New Members

1. What does AAUW stand for?
The initials AAUW stand for American Association of University Women.

2. Do we own our clubhouse?
Yes, the St. Paul Branch of AAUW owns the St. Paul College Club. The College Club is run as a separate business and pays dividends to the St. Paul Branch of AAUW.

3. How do I know if some of my friends also belong?
A Branch Directory is published every Fall and mailed to all current members.

4. How often are Prospective Member Events held?
The primary Prospective Member Event is held every fall. Occasionally there is another event held in the spring. Prospective Members may also attend the monthly New member meetings held the first Tuesday of every month.

5. What do you do to orient New Members?
There is a New Member table designated at every Tuesday luncheon. Every month there is a New Member Chat held on the first Tuesday. In addition, there is a New Member Guide on the AAUW St. Paul website.

6. Is the club Handicap Accessible?
Two handicapped parking spots and an entrance ramp are available behind the building. The building’s first floor is wheelchair accessible, and a handicapped restroom is available at the rear of the Great Hall (Hatfield Hall).

7. How do I make my meal reservation for the Tuesday luncheons?
Reservations must be in by noon on the Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting. Reservations may be made by email ( or phone (651-227-5885). You may make reservations through Sign Up Genius for multiple events and pay by credit card. The cost of the luncheon is $25.

8. How do I get a Name Tag?
A name tag will be made for you when you join. You may pick it up at the first Tuesday luncheon you attend. You are responsible for keeping your name tag and bringing it with you for each luncheon. If you need a new name tag, contact Linda Miller Poff.

9. Is parking available?
Valet parking is available and complimentary, but tipping is permitted and appreciated. Observe the no-parking signs in front of the Governor’s Mansion next door.

10. Where is the AAUW St. Paul Branch Office?
Branch office is on the second floor of the clubhouse, with mailboxes for officers, supplies, reference materials and a copier for AAUW business, as well as a computer and printer.

Updated: 10/4/21

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