ZArc Membership Drive

Who’s Your New PLUS ONE?

For current members, you know the benefits of joining AAUW St. Paul. So why not spread the word to your friends? Our membership drive for 2021-22 has the theme “Who’s Your Plus One?” We’d love it if you would invite one (or more!) friends to become a member. Scroll down to find out more about the membership drive.

AAUW St. Paul Membership Drive

Find one new member before December 1st and you will be entered to win fun prizes:  free Tuesday luncheon, a month of free wine at AAUW, month-long reserved parking spot behind College Club, and other Grand Prizes to be announced!

Help us ensure our membership hits our goal of 300 total members!!

We need at least 32 new members to reach that goal.  But let’s aim higher!!  How about 5 new members per week for the next 10 weeks?  If there are 75 members at our weekly programs that’s 1 new member for almost every person.  We all need to find our Plus 1.  We can do this!!